Within our programme there are several performances labeled with the tag ‘language no problem’. These performances contain either few to no spoken words and/or the spoken language is English. Click here to find an overview of all the language no problem performances.

Our story

It might be difficult to imagine that the Leidse Schouwburg and the Stadsgehoorzaal together make up for more than 500 years of cultural history. A heritage that we are proud of; stored within our hearts and souls and something we want to give on. We do that by connecting with other parties. Connections between the artist and his audience, between science and art and between professional art and amateur art. And of course the connection between us and the city of Leiden.


There are three ways to order your tickets: online, by telephone and at the information- and box office. The box office (located at Breestraat 60) is opened from Monday to Saturday from 13.00h until 18.00h. The phone number is (+31) 71 516 3881. On show days there will be a box office opened 45 minutes ahead of the performance.

Plan your visit

The foyers and bars at the relevant hall will be opened 45 minutes prior to the performance. Nearly every  performance at the Leidse Schouwburg and Stadsgehoorzaal provides  a (guarded) cloakroom, free drinks during the breaks and (at classical concerts) an informative booklet about the parts. If the performance does not contain a break, the drinks will be served after the performance.

Language no problem: