Language No Problem

Theater and concerts for non-Dutch speaking!

Within our programme there are several performances labeled with the tag ‘language no problem’. These performances contain either few to no spoken words and/or the spoken language is English. Below you will find an overview of all the language no problem performances.


Plan your visit


Safety first
Naturally, the safety of guests and employees is our main priority. We follow the guidelines of the government and RIVM. Of course, we are also experienced in how we can safely and pleasantly welcome guests – keeping in mind the 1,5 meter guideline. However, we do need your help, and there are a few important conditions. For example, it is mandatory to reserve tickets online or by phone in advance, there are clear walking routes within the theatre and floor plans have been adapted. We aim to minimize the touching of doorknobs and use of toilets even though these are cleaned frequently. 

House rules
Please read our adapted house rules and other important points for a safe and pleasant visit.
Are you a guest in our facility? Then you agree to the rules below, to protect yourself, but also the other guests and our employees against the coronavirus.

Before your visit:

  • It is mandatory to pre-order your tickets online via the website. The box office at the entrance is closed. It is also very easy to reserve a ticket on your mobile phone.
  • If you are unable to order tickets online, you can call 071 516 3881 on monday, wednesday or friday between 1 and 5 o'clock or send an email to
  • To make a reservation for a wheelchair seat, please send an e-mail to

During your visit:

  • First of all: always keep 1,5 meter distance.
  • We ask guests online and upon arrival a number of questions about their health (mandatory health check). If you or people in your group have complaints, we must unfortunately deny you access.
  • Check in advance whether you and your party show symptoms. If that is the case, email us at If you email before the performance, we will convert the amount of your tickets into a digital credit that is valid indefinitely.
  • We do not work with fixed seat numbers but ensure a dispersion in the hall. One of our employees will show you to your seats.
  • Do not arrive earlier than 20 minutes prior to the performance.
  • The cloakroom is closed; coats are allowed into the hall.
  • Prevent as much toilet use as possible! Toilet use during the performance is not possible.
  • The bar is closed.
  • Do you want a drink afterwards to have a nice chat? That is possible in Grand Café Van 't Huis. Of course, here too the 1.5 meters distance rule applies.
  • Always follow directions from the staff.
  • Follow the indicated directions and keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other guests and employees.
  • Stay home in case of a cold, flu or fever!
  • Use public transport as little as possible! You can park your bicycle in the free bicycle parking De Waag or park your car in the Haagweg car parking. Note: here you can park a van if you have difficulty walking - take into account 1.5 meters distance.
  • Adapted routes have been created so that you are guided to the place in the room with as little delay as possible;
  • All available seats always have a distance of at least 1.5 meters: in front, behind and next to you. You are only sitting right next to someone from your own household or social unit, such as a family, partners or housemates. If you visit the performance with someone from another household, order your tickets separately.
  • We comply with the general hygiene regulations of the RIVM.
  • There is a wide distribution of disinfectant hand gel, soap pumps and paper towels available at the theatres.


Seating during 1,5 meter measures

  • You can buy a 2-personticket, 1-personticket or 3-personticket. If you buy a multiple people ticket we expect that you can sit next to eachother without the 1,5 meter distance.
  • Do you not want to sit next to eachother? You can buy multipe 1-persontickets.
  • You do not have an assigned seat. One of are employees will show you to your seat.
  • Be aware - with one 2-personticket you reserve 2 seats. with two 2-persontickets you reserve 4 seats.
  • If you buy different kinds of tickets you will most likely not be seated together.
  • If you want to buy a wheelchairticket - contact us via 071-516 3881 or mail to 



Language no problem: